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When I worked mostly in wire wrapping and bead weaving techniques, I wrote several tutorials to share my knowledge. I had stopped selling them but due to recent events, I have decided to bring them out again!

It is something you can safely buy from your home and that will help my small business during this time AND it will also help local COVID-19 aid initiatives. With your purchase, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Dar una Mano Ecuador and Karla Morales Foundation to aid Covid-19 related causes.

Stay Home and Stay Safe and let's help fight this together!

**Disponibles en Español también**

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    Big Cluster Ring Jewelry Tutorial

    Wrapped Circle Wire Bracelet Jewelry Tutorial

    No Solder Post Earrings Wire Jewelry Tutorial

    Wide Band Ring Wire Jewelry Tutorial

    Wire Woven Band Ring with Focal Jewelry Tutorial

    Quick Gift Units Wire Jewelry Tutorial

    Crystal Woven Hoops Jewelry Tutorial

    Orbits Ring Wire Jewelry Tutorial

    Dazzling Spacers Bracelet Wire Jewelry Tutorial

    Opposites Attract Ring Wire Jewelry Tutorial

    Circle Wire Earrings Jewelry Tutorial

    Big Stone Bead-woven band Jewelry Tutorial

    Material Kit for Big Cluster Wire Ring Tutorial


    Material Kit for Wrapped Circle Wire Bracelet Tutorial


    Material Kit for No Solder Post Earrings Tutorial


    Material Kit for Wide Band Ring Tutorial

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