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"My jewelry doesn't want to follow fashion, but to use elements and designs that will last throughout time. Whether daring or simple pieces, they will always look up-to-date."



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I've always been a maker. For as long as I can remember, I've loved creating with my hands. Ever since I was a little girl, my mom taught me to make things: sew tiny dresses for my dolls, folding origami, crochet a small blanket... it was only natural that as I grew up, I would find other things to make with my hands.

Enter Jewelry. During my late teens, I tore apart every necklace and bracelet I could find and transformed it into something new, something to express my individuality. Soon, I started receiving commissions from friends and family, who in turn referred me to their friends and families. Thanks to them, I have been 'playing' with metal and stones for 15 years.

Designing jewelry for me is like making a piece of art that holds many challenges: to make the piece wearable, to capture the essence of the person that will be wearing it, to stand the test of time, but most importantly, to make you feel beautiful and unique. The challenge to create little treasures that will be cherished for years and hopefully generations, is what moves me to keep creating day after day.

I am inspired by nature, architecture, ancient cultures and love stories. Although I was self-taught at the beginning, I continued my journey by attending the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco in 2009. Every day is a new learning opportunity the will allow me to make the perfect piece for you. 

To commission a piece or for jewelry redesign, please check out our Commissions page for more info.

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Many mining practices impact the environment negatively which is why Cristina Amador Jewelry is made with recycled silver and gold. All the scrap metals are collected to be refined again. We also strive to use responsibly mined semi-precious and precious stones and to avoid chemicals in our processes whenever we can. 

As part of our eco-friendly practices, all of our jewelry is packaged in reusable bags or boxes crafted by local artisans. Our labels, cards and shopping bags are printed on sugar cane paper processed chlorine-free and are acid free.