Work at Home Mom

Work at Home Mom

Working from home when you have kids is a blessing. I am so lucky to have my studio in my home so that I can be near my children even when I'm working. There are days when that can also bring me some frustration as I need to be focused on work and the constant interruptions make it nearly impossible.

But then I remember how blessed I am to have these children that are happy and curious about what mom is doing, and that I get to be there to comfort them if something happens.

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Ali likes to be in mommy's studio all the time. She wants to help me with whatever I'm doing or she wants to make her own designs to wear herself or for her dolls.

Working from home allows her to see me make a living with my passion. I try to be a good example, showing her that she can be independent, successful and most of all happy with the profession she chooses in the future. For now, she is more than happy being Mommy's apprentice.

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