Talisman Jewelry

Talisman Jewelry

A talisman is defined as an object that is thought to have magical powers, an object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune. It is often worn as ornamentation, charged with energy, with the specific purpose of protecting someone from evil, harm or negative forces and energy. Talismans and amulets have been used throughout history in many different cultures and religions. 

Mother of Pearl Talisman with black diamonds and amethyst

Talisman Necklace with Mother of Pearl, Amethysts and Black Diamonds in 14k Gold and oxidized Sterling Silver

I set out to create a collection of Talismans that the wearer can charge with their own good energy. Each of these talismans will remind you that you are great, powerful and invincible. You can wear it to an important business meeting to help you remember that you are capable and intelligent. Put it on for a party to stir up some interesting conversations. Hold it through tough times to remind you that you will once again feel strong. 

Rubelite garnet with mother of pearl necklace

Rubellite Garnet Talisman, Sapphire and Ruby Talisman bracelet and Dash Rings

Crafted from 14k gold, Mother of Pearl and natural stones, each piece is unique. Oxidized sterling silver chains accompany some of the pendants and bracelets and evoke that ancient feeling. Delicate, yet commanding... these talismans will definitely brighten up your days.

smoky quartz talisman in 14k gold

Smoky Quartz and Natural Zircon Talisman necklace in 14k Gold

These Talismans are meant to be a companion, to bring attention to all the good things happening in your life. Browse through our Talisman collection to find your piece... and if none feels quite right, we can work together to make the perfect Talisman for you, just contact me.

Talisman mother of pearl necklaces with gold and oxidized silver

Sapphire and Mother of Pearl Talisman Earrings, Gold Star with Rose cut Diamond necklace, Mother of Pearl and Gold Star Talisman, and Mother of Pearl, Blue Topaz and Sapphire Talisman


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