Push Presents for the New Mom

Push Presents for the New Mom

A Push Present is a gift that is given to a new mother to thank her for all the physical changes, for all the pain of childbirth and for bringing a new life into the world. It is an expression of admiration and appreciation, usually on the part of the husband towards his wife, although any other family member or close friend can also give it.

 Family with newborn baby, daughter, mother and dad putting bracelet on

The origin of the Push Present is in India and it is said that it has existed for hundreds of years. A new mother was honored with gifts in a ritual called Godh Bharai, in which the mother is blessed with the joys of motherhood. The future mother receives jewelry and gifts and they make her a feast of fruits and sweets.


The intention is what counts when giving a Push Present and is primarily to show appreciation and understanding of everything the mother went through to have a baby. A gift for giving birth is something special and emotional. It can mean a lot to a new mother, not only for the monetary value but primarily for the sentimental value.


It is suggested that you give the gift a few days after the baby is born, when you are already at home. The couple should be alone so that you can express to the new mother how much she means and how much you appreciate what she had to go through to have the baby.

 husband gives wife push present for baby

Jewelry is an excellent option for a push present for several reasons:

1. A jewel is the best way to commemorate special moments, and what a more special moment than the birth of a child

2. Jewelry can be personalized depending on the occasion, thus giving a specific meaning to a gift for the birth of a child.

3. A jewel is a small treasure that we can pass on to the next generations. Imagine how nice to receive from your mother the jewel that she received when you were born! The stories that the jewels tell live forever with them.


Here I show you some gift Ideas that will make your push present unforgettable


- Jewels with the Birthstone. Each month is assigned a stone and they have been used in jewelry for centuries. Giving a piece with your children's birthstone is a special way to always keep them close.

Citrine ring, november birthstone


- Jewels with the name or initial of the new baby. It is a very popular way to have children represented in jewelry and there are many ways to incorporate them depending on the style of each person

Ring with baby names and diamonds in yellow gold 

- Jewelry with Dates. In addition to personalizing the jewelry with the initials or names of the children, you can place the date of their birth, in the traditional way or for something a little different, with Roman numerals.

 Ring with date in roman numerals in 18k yellow gold

- Jewelry with the zodiac sign. For astrology fans, giving her a jewel with the sign of the new baby will be an excellent idea.


Or if you know her tastes and you know of a piece that will make her feel the love with which you give it to her, do it! There are no rules when it comes to these gifts, just celebrate this special moment and express your love and appreciation for the woman who has given birth.

Do you want to custom make a Push Present? Contact me so we can get started!

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