November Birthstone - Citrine

November Birthstone - Citrine

November is here... and like the warm tones of the fall foliage, we welcome its birthstones, the Citrine. Supposed to be a gift from the sun, it was carried as protection against venom and evil thoughts in ancient times. Today, it is associated with success and prosperity.

Citrine has a color range from warm yellow to rich orange browns. Choose the perfect citrine for you based on your color preference. It pairs beautifully with yellow gold and because it is an affordable stone, you can find it in various statement pieces.

Citrine, Lemon Quartz and Diamonds ring in 18k Gold

November's Birthstone has healing powers and enhances mental clarity stimulating the memory.  I have several loose Citrines waiting for a design to be showcased in. Do you have a loved one that was born on November? Contact me to create the perfect piece of them with their birthstone.

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