New Halo for an engagement Ring

New Halo for an engagement Ring

A while ago my friend Cristina asked me to redesign her engagement ring. It was such a fun request and she loved it so much, It filled me with joy! After getting her new rings, she went on a trip to Costa Rica (where she's from) and while there, one of her dear friends saw her newly remodeled ring and liked it.

She contacted me because she wanted me to give her rings a new look as well. She wanted to showcase her gorgeous center stone but with a more delicate design on the band, as well as a thinner wedding band. Oh... and can you believe her name is also Cristina! What a coincidence, three Cristinas now joined by friendship and jewelry.

before engagement ring and wedding band with baguette diamonds

Before the redesign

Cristina loved the Halo look I had made before and wanted something similar. In requests like these, with pieces that carry so much sentiment, I try to reuse as much as I can of the stones and metal. I suggested we do a round diamond halo but keep the baguette band, making it thinner with just one row of diamonds. We planned to do the same to the wedding band.

While doing the wedding band we saw it was possible to make two bands out of the original. She was excited about that idea, as she has two children so she will be able to hand down one band to each one.

The end result was stunning. Using many of the original elements, we gave the ring a whole new look. And now it is an heirloom piece for her family to cherish.

halo engagement ring with baguette wedding bands

Here's what Cristina had to say about her new rings:

"Cristy is an artist. I gave her my engagement ring because I wanted to keep the center stone, but modernize it a little. She understood me exactly and gave me a beautiful piece that still maintains its initial essence. A work made with love, great professionalism and honesty. Thank you Cristy!" - Cristina

engagement ring big diamond halo wedding band with baguettes

I love making custom pieces... it's so rewarding when customers receive their pieces and love them. Would you want to have a similar experience? I'd be happy to work with you in a custom piece or heirloom redesign. Contact Me for a consultation and click here to see a gallery of past commissions.

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Wow! GREAT job redesigning the original ring. Super Stunning ! I especially love that you used all of the original diamonds and metal and that there are now two rings to pass down to the clients children. And how fun that all three of y’all are named Cristina !


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