Necklace Style Guide: 8 Easy Tips to get you Layering Like a Pro!

Necklace Style Guide: 8 Easy Tips to get you Layering Like a Pro!

It seems the layering trend is here to stay, so you might as well have fun with it. Do you look longingly at the style magazines and wonder how they decide which necklaces to combine, or how they make it looks so stylish and effortless? It’s so much easier than you might think, and with just a few tips you’ll be styling like a pro too…

  1. Size Matters - One super easy way to layer is to choose different chain lengths, thicknesses, and various sizes and styles of pendants. This is an easy way to create a natural layered look and adds limitless visual interest.

  1. Color is your Friend – If color scares you, or if you worried about overdoing it, stick to one color of metal, for example, all gold necklaces or all sterling silver necklaces. Then play around with different color stone combinations to match your outfit or the season.
  1. Less is More – It’s ok to err on the side of minimal chic when it comes to layering. Combining simple and delicate pieces together give you a very hip and stylish overall look, without looking overdone or tacky. Simple is always beautiful, and you’ll never go wrong with the minimal look.
  1. More is More – For a bold look, try combining a delicate minimal necklace, with a long chunky chain. The contrast between the two sizes makes a captivating and edgy statement.
  • Revive a Familiar Friend – Don’t forget, you can always dig out those pieces you hardly wear anymore. Breathe new life into an older piece by layering it with something new and fresh.

  • Be Creative – Layering possibilities are endless! Imagine all of the different looks you can put together, just by swapping out one necklace for another. And if one combo doesn’t work, keep at it! You’re only limited by your imagination, so have some fun! 

    1. Accessorize from Top to Bottom – Start with your shortest necklace first and layer in longer increments as you go. Each necklace should be an inch or 2 longer than the one before it. It’s also great if your longest piece is on the heavier side, so the chain visually frames the shorter pieces.


    1. Mix and Match – Don’t be afraid to play with different style chains, textures or stones. Combine different metals if you dare, and see what happens. Creating visual interest through contrasting elements is part of the fun of layering. 


    The most important thing to remember about layering is that you’re the designer, which means you’re the boss! You really can’t go wrong, but if you don’t like the look you created, start over, as many times as you want. Who’s gonna stop you! Layering is your personal fashion statement, so unleash your inner creativity, and have some FUN! 

    Come and look for your new favorite layering necklace or you can always ask for a personalized piece.

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