Memorial Jewelry

Memorial Jewelry

Jewelry makes me emotional. That sounds funny, I know. Imagine the worst possible thing that could happen, like the loss of a loved one. Family. Friend. Pet. Most of us know what this feels like. A broken heart, and a big empty space where someone once was. It’s devastating and sad. 


One of the best parts of my job is that I get to help people on their healing journey, through a special piece of jewelry. Life gets bumpy sometimes, even tragic, and often I get asked to make a piece of jewelry in memory of someone taken too soon, or to honor a relative no longer with us. Not only am I a jewelry designer, but when my clients confide in me, sharing the stories of their losses, I also become a loyal confidant. I’m a friend with a listening ear and an open heart. It’s impossible, for me, not to get emotional, as I listen to their stories. Sometimes my client’s feelings are pretty raw, from a recent loss. Other times, the memories bring joy, remembering a happier time when their loved one still graced this earth.


I’m always humbled and honored to be part of the healing process. That someone feels safe enough to tell their story, or trust me enough to redesign a family heirloom, touches my heart in a big way. And makes me emotional.


I was recently commissioned to make a gold name necklace, for a young lady who lost her boyfriend. Experiencing loss at a young age is unthinkable, and yet it happens. Knowing how much this piece would help her to honor his memory, and to heal, I thought ‘I have the best job on earth’. 


memorial name necklace in gold with delicate chain and a little heart


Even the memory of a loved one, lost years ago, can bring up a mixed bundle of emotions. Many of my clients inherit jewelry from their mom or grandma, and they cherish it as a beautiful reminder of life, but they never wear it. Fashion evolves and not everyone shares the same taste in jewelry, so the pieces just sit, hidden away in a drawer.


One of my clients had a brooch that belonged to her mom. The brooch was gorgeous, 14k gold, set with diamonds and rubies, but it wasn’t her style, so she never wore it. She expressed to me how much she loved the piece because it was a beautiful reminder of her mom, but she knew she’d never wear it, and that made her a little sad. So together, we redesigned the brooch into a necklace that matched her sense of style, and that she would happily wear to remember her mom.

gold brooch with diamonds and rubies alongside a sketch for the design of the new necklace

Another client inherited a ring that had belonged to her grandmother. She loved how unique it was, but wanted something she could wear everyday with her own engagement and wedding rings. She wanted to preserve the original setting of the largest diamond, so I created the new design around it.

Original antique gold ring with diamonds


Remodeled ring heirloom in gold with diamonds



Loss is part of life, and we each grieve and heal in our own ways. Sometimes, holding that person close to you, by wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry, can help ease the pain, or bring joyful memories of your lost loved one. I’d be honored to create something meaningful, to ease the pain, and help you through your healing journey. It’s not easy to open up and talk about, I understand, but when you’re ready to share, and begin the process, just know I’m here for you.

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