Heirloom Necklace Remodel

Heirloom Necklace Remodel

It is very common for mothers and grandmothers to pass their jewelry down to their daughters and grand daughters. For me, that is one of the greatest joys of having jewelry: Knowing where it came from, who wore it before me and how and why did she acquire that piece of jewelry... and also knowing that after I have worn it, I will be able to pass it down as well and tell my own stories of those special pieces.

Sometimes we love the pieces as they are... but there are times when they need to be a little updated or modified to fit us better. That was the case with this brooch/necklace. A close friend inherited a necklace from her mother, but she never wore it because the shape did not suit her neckline.

We worked together to come up with a design that kept the original essence of the piece, while making it more flattering for her.

sketch for the remodeled necklace


We utilized all the design elements of the original piece, rearranging them in a new necklace that will be worn for years to come.


finished remodeled necklace


It can feel a bit wrong to change the design of an inherited piece... but jewelry is meant to be worn! If the original design of a piece prevents you from wearing it, contact us to help you with a redesign that will honor the original owner of the piece. After all, you have received it to enjoy it, not to collect dust inside your jewelry box :)

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