Gratitude. With so much uncertainty this year, it might feel impossible to find a silver lining or to show gratitude for something in your life. Trust me, I get it. This very uncertainty is exactly why we should appreciate today, stay present and live in the moment. Personally, I’ve always saved my money, so that later, I can take a nice trip, buy a new outfit or go to a fancy restaurant. Recently though, I’ve shifted my mindset a bit, and have started to indulge myself with treats, and do more fun stuff with my family and friends. I haven’t drained our savings account, or gone totally wild, but I have allowed myself to appreciate life’s smaller moments, and be mindfully present. This doesn’t come naturally to me, and this might not be easy for you either. So, here are 5-easy ways to practice daily gratitude while still respecting and honoring the past and our boundaries.

  1. Start a Gratitude Journal – Instead of writing about everything under the sun, only write about things you’re grateful for. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to practice mindfulness, and stay present when you focus on positivity. Give it a try!


  1. Compliment Someone – Look for the good in others, and be intentional about letting them know. Did you notice the cashier’s cool t-shirt? Tell her! Did you spot your customer, posing on Instagram wearing a pair of earrings you made? Tell her how beautiful she is. Compliments are free! When you share the love, it sends a ripple effect farther than you realize.
yellow gold x earrings with diamonds
  1. Volunteer in your Community – Deliver groceries to the elderly in your neighborhood. Transport a neighbor to a doctor’s appointment so they don’t have to take the bus. Opportunities for giving back are abundant. Even the smallest things can make someone’s day, and remind you to be thankful for your own blessings!


  1. Celebrate your Tribe – Hanging out with your besties is one of the simplest ways to practice gratitude. Do a secret Santa gift swap! Laughing, joking, sharing stories and supporting each other, makes you feel alive. Tell your kids how proud you are or your spouse how much you love them, just because. A little love and appreciation goes a long way!
Gold tiny bezeled open ring
  1. Give an Unexpected Gift – Who doesn’t love a surprise gift? Send flowers to your mom to thank her for babysitting. Deliver a complete dinner to your sister, to remind her she’s doing a great job, balancing work and kids. Gift a beautiful piece of jewelry to your bestie, just because you’re grateful for her friendship. Gifting should bring you joy too!
Diamond bar bracelet in gold and cord

Try one of these, or try them all! But most importantly be kind to yourself, and be grateful for you! Forgive yourself for mistakes. Be less critical of your appearance, your wrinkles or curves. Be grateful for your talented mind and beautiful body for getting you this far. Things could definitely be worse, so stay present, and appreciate today.



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