Gemstones to Manifest Love and Friendship


“You know the world is a magical place
when Mother Earth grows her own jewelry.”


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, let’s have a little fun, and discover a few of nature’s ‘love’ stones, known for igniting passion and desire. Below are 9-gemstones, believed to help you manifest love, loyalty, and romance…


 1. Garnet

    Garnet, with its warm orange, red and brown hues, inspires love and passion. It helps you to put destructive behavior behind you and boosts your self-confidence. In medieval times, garnets were believed to jumpstart your sex drive and soothe an angry heart. Yes, please! 


     2. Lapis Lazuli

    This rich blue stone is thought to keep your head and heart in balance, encouraging peace and harmony. A protector of intimate relationships, Lapis might help to heal broken love. Lapis symbolizes the lasting bond of trust, loyalty, and friendship, making it perfect for gifting!


     3. Moonstone

    Moonstone is best known for bringing luck in love. Because of this, the translucent stone was once a common wedding gift. Many also believed it could reconcile broken love, and that by wearing moonstone during a full moon, a couple would fall deeply, madly in love. Oh yeah! Astrologers claim you can build trust, and reduce conflict, just by wearing this dreamy gemstone!


     4. Opal

    If you want to attract passion, love, and desire, Opal has your back! In a relationship, Opal can bring a deeper connection, openness, and romance. This distinctive stone, available in many colors and varieties, encourages you to let go of your inhibitions and to try new things with your partner. It also promotes open communication, loyalty, and fidelity. Winners all around!


     5. Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz is useful if you’re seeking a forever partner. It’s sometimes called the ‘Love Stone’, or ‘Stone of the Heart’ because it’s thought to bring love into your life. This pale pink beauty might also help to heal your heart from a lost love or broken relationship.


     6. Ruby

    According to astrologers, Ruby is useful for attracting lasting love and marriage. Because it affects both physical and mental wellbeing, Ruby can make your relationships stronger through positivity. Ruby symbolizes passion, energy, happiness, and prosperity. Who’s gonna say no to this?


     7. Emerald

    Green and lush, Emerald is believed to be very beneficial for attracting love and strengthening relationships. As a symbol of hope, Emerald is not just for romantic love. Wearing it will bring confidence and positivity to help strengthen all of your relationships.


     8. Blue Topaz

    Blue Topaz has long been considered a symbol of love and affection. According to some astrologers, this stone makes you stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally. Triple the benefits! Wearing Blue Topaz can help to reduce anger and calm your mind, always a good thing in relationships of any kind!


     9. Amethyst

    Rich in deep, exquisite color, Amethyst is the stone of St. Valentine and faithful love. It’s thought to carry fire and passion and can be used to bring back a loving relationship. Centuries ago, Amethyst rings were worn to symbolize fidelity and loyalty, and many believed that it calmed lovers overcome by passion.


    Now that you have a list of romantic stones, you’re ready to manifest the love you deserve. Which stones resonate or speak to you? Are you a believer in the ‘love’ properties of stones? Believe in the process, open your heart and let the magic happen.


    Have questions about these or other stones? Contact me today! I’ll happily be your guide along your own love journey

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