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A bunch of tiny rings

You know how sometimes you are at the right place at exactly the right time? That's how this set of commissions came to be. I was in line to pay at the Supermarket when an acquaintance said hello from afar. She then came up to me and asked me if I could repurpose some old jewelry. I said "Sure, this is my number, call me whenever you want" to which she replied: "I just came from my mom's safe deposit at the bank, we went through the old pieces of jewelry no one used and I have it all here with me!"
So right there at the supermarket she took out a small bag and then presented me with this:
A bunch of small rings her Dad had given to her mom, some were broken, some with missing stones and all were just sitting collecting dust at the safe deposit. She told me to first make an anniversary band for her brother's wife, who was also about to give birth. There were a couple of diamonds there as well, which she asked me to set apart for something else. After finding out the ring size and settling on a design, I got to work.
anniversary wedding band yellow gold with diamonds
In a couple of weeks the ring was ready to surprise its new owner and it fit perfectly. Now the gold from the rings belonging to a mother, will now be in a ring for her daughter in law. I will tell you soon what the second commission was! 
Do you or your mom have some old, damaged, too small rings or jewelry? Let's give them a new life. Contact me and we can work together on a new family heirloom.

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