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Oscar Jewelry - Lady Gaga's Tiffany Diamond Necklace

Even if you didn't watch the Oscars last Sunday, you must have probably seen Lady Gaga and her gorgeous Tiffany Diamond Necklace. The 128.54 ct yellow diamond, valued at $30 million, made its first ever red carpet appearance alongside an Alexander McQueen gown. The last time it was worn was on 1962, by Audrey Hepburn for a publicity poster for Breakfast at Tiffany's and before that by Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse at the 1957 Tiffany Ball. Photo courtesy of Tiffany & Co.  I was inspired to create my version of this necklace, with a gorgeous yellow diamond and lots of white diamonds to go with it, set in platinum. It is smaller and much more delicate, but still capable of getting all the...

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Engagement Ring Redesign for Cristina

Last month one of my gym friends approached me about wanting to have her engagement ring redesigned. She had lost one of the side stones and instead of wanting to repair it, she wanted a complete overhaul.  She got married a little over 10 years ago and she didn't find her ring comfortable anymore, it was too thick and the wrong size for her taste. Her wedding band was also too thick.  So we looked over a few possible designs and she chose a winner. A delicate band with new tiny diamonds and her center stone surrounded by a halo of her original side diamonds. Her wedding band was also made thinner and both rings were now sized correctly, making...

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A bunch of tiny rings

You know how sometimes you are at the right place at exactly the right time? That's how this set of commissions came to be. I was in line to pay at the Supermarket when an acquaintance said hello from afar. She then came up to me and asked me if I could repurpose some old jewelry. I said "Sure, this is my number, call me whenever you want" to which she replied: "I just came from my mom's safe deposit at the bank, we went through the old pieces of jewelry no one used and I have it all here with me!" So right there at the supermarket she took out a small bag and then presented me with this: A...

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