Everyday jewelry for the everyday game

Imagine this. It’s early in the morning. You wake up feeling noticeably anxious, but at first you can’t remember why. As your mind and body begin to fully awaken, and your conscious mind can no longer deny the new day, the weight of your responsibilities come into focus, and can’t be ignored…


Kids and family come first. There’s breakfast and maybe scrambling to finish homework, followed by school and virtual learning. Once the family’s needs are checked off the list, your workday begins. Meetings, client projects, deadlines and more meetings. Somewhere in there you make time to develop new ideas and move older projects along. The very, very last thing on your radar is self-care. Right? Does some, or all of this resonate with you? If so, and I’m guessing the answer is yes, you are NOT alone.


As women, we try to give 100% of ourselves to everything we do, both personally and professionally. But guess what? Mathematically that’s not even possible. Plus, even if it were possible, we’re pretty much gonna crash and burn, because we almost always put our needs last, if we ever get to them at all. Trust me, I get it. I also know you’re not likely to change overnight. You can’t help who you are, a nurturer and a giver. But, what if you could indulge yourself in just one beautiful luxury? A token of inner strength and beauty, worn like a shield, to protect, empower and encourage you, everyday. Would you do it? I think I already know the answer!


My latest collection has a minimalist design aesthetic, richly packed with meaning and symbolism. These pieces, with their delicate nature and simple vibe, are perfect for layering and every day wear. They are made for you, to remind you of your resilience, every day. 

three little diamonds stacking rings in rose, yellow and white gold
Three Little Diamond rings in Yellow, Rose and White Gold
These stacking rings can be worn alone or together, or stacked with other rings you already have. The three little diamonds provide some sparkle to the delicate rounded band.
18k yellow gold and diamonds bar bracelet with colored Chinese cord, adjustable knot closure
Diamond bar Bracelets in 18k gold and colored cord
A fine line of diamonds to adorn your wrist, together with a colored Chinese cord (you can choose the color) stack them up or wear them alone
Diamond V chain necklace in gold
Diamond V chain necklace in gold
This necklace with diamonds in the shape of an open V reminds me of a flock of birds flying in the sky, returning home right before sunset. 
gold circle earrings with tiny diamonds post earrings
Gold circles with tiny diamonds post earrings
This pair of earrings is so comfy for everyday wear and a great first earring for your ear party


Wear one, or wear a few. Combine them with your other favorite pieces, to enhance your own unique beauty, and provide the inner strength to tackle your day-to-day duties…in style! You’ll feel empowered in your own body. Confident and beautiful.


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